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Globalization and Economy

Globalization and Economy



this course focuses on what constitute the key economic issues that feature in the debate over economic globalization and what challenges each issue faces. We will start discussing the key economic issues from the 5th week to the final (15th) week. Especially, you will team up with other classmates and each team will prepare for in-class presentation and present for the 12th to the final (15th) weeks on one of the key economic issues covered in class. In addition, this course, to make students better grasp the key economic issues and their challenges that stem from the process of economic globalization, will provide students with lectures on the introductory and core principles of economics (microeconomics) which will be covered in class over the 1st to the 4th (or 5th ) weeks.


Hyun Euy KIM
School of Business Administration

Current Position in the UNIST: January 2014 ~ Present : Visiting Professor

Graduate Studies Ph.D. & M.A. Graduate School of Economics, Ohio State University Fields: Money and Banking, International Finance.

Undergraduate Studies B.A. Korea University, Seoul, Korea. Major: Economics.

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    2017년 09월 01일
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    2018년 12월 31일